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True Femininity II

Good afternoon, ladies, and welcome to the Young Lady’s Journal! I wrote an article early this year about femininity, and I now wish to clarify some things that seemed to be misunderstood.

Our bodies are temples of the Lord. If we don’t treat them as such (that is, dressing modestly, acting purely, etc.), how can we be respected by others at all? If we’re not respecting ourselves by protecting our temple from prying eyes, and walking with dignity, people will see we have no dignity or real self respect. And it’s human nature to treat those who don’t respect themselves with a lack of respect as well.

I’m going to explain something about our nature. We are, in our physical nature, animals. Therefore we have instinct just like animals. Of course, we have souls, and are given a higher place by God, but in physicality, we are no more than animals.

When a female animal is in heat, she sends out signals to all the male animals of her kind. They know she’s in heat, and she’s ready for breeding. They can’t help themselves. There’s no homosexuality with animals. It’s all very straightforward.

When a cat is in heat, she rubs all over everything, tail up in the air, just waiting for that Tom cat to come along and make all her dreams come true.

When a mare (female horse) is in heat, she’s constantly flipping her tail up and peeing all over the place, and clearly showing that she is also ready for what she was, believe it or not, designed for.

People are the same way. Men have reported that when their wives are ovulating (basically in heat), they’re more attracted to them in that way than they are normally. This is because she’s sending the signals to her husband, whether intentionally or not, that she’s ready to breed.

Since people don’t have the same ways of telling this about strangers (that is, smell or other signals female animals send to the males), when a man sees a woman dressed the way women dress today, they see that as telling him she’s in heat and ready to breed, whether she thinks that’s the signal she’s sending or not. She’s confusing men and appealing to their instinct without knowing it at all.

The trouble is, men don’t understand this instinct any more than women do.

Thus, we have a culture where men and women are constantly satisfying their natural desires in a partially natural way, despite the fact that as higher beings, we were made to satisfy this in a very different setting with a very different purpose in mind.

As humans, we were designed to satisfy our physical desires within matrimony, with our spouse and no one else. We were designed only for our spouse.

And to tie it all together, because our bodies were made for our spouses and our spouses alone, our spouses are the only ones who have the right to see our bodies.

If we’re not leaving enough to the imagination by wearing modest clothing, we’re not hiding our bodies from those who have no right to see it, and we are displeasing God.

Good afternoon, and I’ll see you all next time at The Young Lady’s Journal!


March For Life, Washington, D.C. 2020

Good afternoon, ladies! This is Mary from The Young Lady’s Journal. In light of the upcoming March For Life in Washington, D.C., I’d like to talk about being pro-life in the world today.

Before I get into it, I just have to say, I’m so excited to go to my first March For Life in Washington!

Now we all know that the Left is pushing for “reproductive rights”. What they don’t tell you is these aren’t “rights” at all. This is enslaving men and women to sex and lust, and taking away the right to life from their unborn children.

I’ve attached a video here of Doctor Anthony Levatino, Obstetrician/Gynecologist. He explains the abortion procedure.

After watching the video, if you haven’t already, I’d like to know your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.

Abortion is murder. There is nothing that will change that. It’s human sacrifice. Abortion is proof that people would rather kill their baby than change their ways. They sacrifice a child, in defiance of the natural order of God, so that they have sexual “freedom”.

If you’re not pro-life, you should be. In the season of the pro-life movement, I’d like to encourage you all to watch the movie Unplanned, which is about former Planned Parenthood employee, Abby Johnson.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone, and even if I have, I don’t care. I am Pro-Life, and proudly so.

Good afternoon, and may God bless you!

I’ll see you all next time on The Young Lady’s Journal!

Why Motherhood is The Most Important Job

Good afternoon, ladies! This is Mary from The Young Lady’s Journal! Today I’m going to tackle a topic I feel is commonly overlooked by people today. So buckle up, and I hope you enjoy it!

In this day and age, everyone is pushing for “gender equality”, as if we don’t already have it. Not that there isn’t sexism in the workplace, among other settings, but as a general rule, there really isn’t. In fact, there are many professions that are heavily female. But there’s one job in particular that is 100% female, and there’s a counterpart which is 100% male.

Without them, there’s no us. No society. No people.

These jobs are motherhood and fatherhood. Big surprise, right?

But it’s true. Society would cease to exist if mothers and fathers ceased to do their job. That is, conceive, bear, and rear (raise) children.

I would even say that these two jobs are the most important. We have a duty to uphold the commandments given us by God, and we have a purpose, a duty, to raise our children to do so as well.

As a woman, what better purpose than to fulfill our womanhood by marrying a man, cooking for him, cleaning the home he provided for his wife and raising his children?

We’re built in a very special and particular way. God made us unique from men, in that we can conceive, carry and grow a child inside of us for nine months. That’s a human. That’s the product of love. Not only the love of a man and a woman, but of God.

It’s more crucial then ever to be sure to give them the time and attention they need, because this world is full of wolves who only want to gain more souls.

Is there anything more honorable than accepting the role designed for us by God?

Good afternoon! Be sure to keep tuned for more articles, and I’ll see you next time!

True Femininity

Have you ever noticed how women who dress with dignity command a certain respect?

When a man is walking in the grocery store, and he sees a woman dressed “provocatively,” or immodestly, he watches her. And when she looks, he looks away, because he doesn’t want her to see the way he was looking at her. Why is that? Because it wasn’t with any sort of reverence. And you can all say, “Well, he should respect her anyway,” but it’s not so easy. Because she obviously doesn’t respect herself or him, how is he expected to respect her?

Then he will continue to watch her, because she left so little to the imagination. And this could be the best man you know, by the way. It’s the way they’re hard wired. They can’t help themselves.

When a woman is dressed modestly, the man will make eye contact, nod as he passes, and give her space. If he turns to watch as she passes, it’s out of respect. She clearly has a dignity the first woman didn’t have. She commands respect.

Ladies, men need our help. They not only need us to hold them to a higher standard, they need us to help them to see us purely. I don’t think we realize just how much this will change in our culture.

The word, “chivalry” comes from the French word, in the Middle Ages, meaning the proper way to treat a horse.

Chivalry is basically the man’s code of conduct toward a woman.

I know that some of you are thinking, “Well that’s terrible, why would they compare us to a horse?”

My response is, “You clearly aren’t familiar with horses.”

A knight had to treat his horse as royalty. He had to earn his trust. He had to treat him as an equal. He had to treat him as a faithful and trusted friend and partner. If he didn’t have the horse’s respect (not submission), the horse wouldn’t carry him into battle, knowing fully well he may not make it out.

And in this same way, a man must provide for his woman, he must treat her as royalty. Open doors, provide living space, treat her as an equal. As a trusted and faithful friend and partner.

He needs a good partner to go into battle with. Not battle of the flesh, of course, but of the spirit.

And in exchange for the superior treatment we receive, what are we to do? Everything our man can’t. There’s a reason men are stereotyped as slobs and bad cooks. Not to say men can’t cook, but most can’t.

We cook food, we clean, we bear children. We treat the man as our equal. As our partner. But partners aren’t meant to do all the same things. No, their strengths and weaknesses are complementary. They fit together as two puzzle pieces.

God knew what He was doing in creating man and woman as He did.

Hey, Guys!

As my first post, I’d like to just introduce myself and give a quick introduction to my site.

My name is Mary, and I am a devout Catholic. I’m not here to tell you how to live, what to believe, or to share my political views. I’m here to share in the fullness of traditional femininity and masculinity. I want to talk about what it means to be a lady and what our standards should be.

We live in a culture with little to no standards of proper behavior and treatment between women and men. I hope to be able to shed some light on the stigma in our way of life, and to provide a guide on how to face it and defy it.

Peter Kreeft said, “In an age that has thrown off all tradition, the only rebellion possible is orthodoxy.”

In an introduction, I feel it’s impossible to expound on such a deep quote fully, therefore I will in another article in the future. I don’t mean to start right off by boring you to death or jumping in a little too deeply a little too quickly.

I don’t want to sit here and talk about myself, so I’ll keep this brief. I merely hope to be able to bring clarity and perhaps make a difference, however small.

may God bless you and I’ll see you next time!