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Why Motherhood is The Most Important Job

Good afternoon, ladies! This is Mary from The Young Lady’s Journal! Today I’m going to tackle a topic I feel is commonly overlooked by people today. So buckle up, and I hope you enjoy it!

In this day and age, everyone is pushing for “gender equality”, as if we don’t already have it. Not that there isn’t sexism in the workplace, among other settings, but as a general rule, there really isn’t. In fact, there are many professions that are heavily female. But there’s one job in particular that is 100% female, and there’s a counterpart which is 100% male.

Without them, there’s no us. No society. No people.

These jobs are motherhood and fatherhood. Big surprise, right?

But it’s true. Society would cease to exist if mothers and fathers ceased to do their job. That is, conceive, bear, and rear (raise) children.

I would even say that these two jobs are the most important. We have a duty to uphold the commandments given us by God, and we have a purpose, a duty, to raise our children to do so as well.

As a woman, what better purpose than to fulfill our womanhood by marrying a man, cooking for him, cleaning the home he provided for his wife and raising his children?

We’re built in a very special and particular way. God made us unique from men, in that we can conceive, carry and grow a child inside of us for nine months. That’s a human. That’s the product of love. Not only the love of a man and a woman, but of God.

It’s more crucial then ever to be sure to give them the time and attention they need, because this world is full of wolves who only want to gain more souls.

Is there anything more honorable than accepting the role designed for us by God?

Good afternoon! Be sure to keep tuned for more articles, and I’ll see you next time!


Published by The Young Lady’s Journal

I love my God, my family, my horses, my country and books. I'm honest and straight forward. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion, and my mom calls me her "sensible one." I'm a very devout Catholic. I love to study and learn everyday and I hold the belief that life is a constant learning experience, therefore the most reasonable conclusion is to search knowledge. I love to write almost as much as I love to read (which is saying a lot).

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