True Femininity

Have you ever noticed how women who dress with dignity command a certain respect?

When a man is walking in the grocery store, and he sees a woman dressed “provocatively,” or immodestly, he watches her. And when she looks, he looks away, because he doesn’t want her to see the way he was looking at her. Why is that? Because it wasn’t with any sort of reverence. And you can all say, “Well, he should respect her anyway,” but it’s not so easy. Because she obviously doesn’t respect herself or him, how is he expected to respect her?

Then he will continue to watch her, because she left so little to the imagination. And this could be the best man you know, by the way. It’s the way they’re hard wired. They can’t help themselves.

When a woman is dressed modestly, the man will make eye contact, nod as he passes, and give her space. If he turns to watch as she passes, it’s out of respect. She clearly has a dignity the first woman didn’t have. She commands respect.

Ladies, men need our help. They not only need us to hold them to a higher standard, they need us to help them to see us purely. I don’t think we realize just how much this will change in our culture.

The word, “chivalry” comes from the French word, in the Middle Ages, meaning the proper way to treat a horse.

Chivalry is basically the man’s code of conduct toward a woman.

I know that some of you are thinking, “Well that’s terrible, why would they compare us to a horse?”

My response is, “You clearly aren’t familiar with horses.”

A knight had to treat his horse as royalty. He had to earn his trust. He had to treat him as an equal. He had to treat him as a faithful and trusted friend and partner. If he didn’t have the horse’s respect (not submission), the horse wouldn’t carry him into battle, knowing fully well he may not make it out.

And in this same way, a man must provide for his woman, he must treat her as royalty. Open doors, provide living space, treat her as an equal. As a trusted and faithful friend and partner.

He needs a good partner to go into battle with. Not battle of the flesh, of course, but of the spirit.

And in exchange for the superior treatment we receive, what are we to do? Everything our man can’t. There’s a reason men are stereotyped as slobs and bad cooks. Not to say men can’t cook, but most can’t.

We cook food, we clean, we bear children. We treat the man as our equal. As our partner. But partners aren’t meant to do all the same things. No, their strengths and weaknesses are complementary. They fit together as two puzzle pieces.

God knew what He was doing in creating man and woman as He did.

Published by The Young Lady’s Journal

I love my God, my family, my horses, my country and books. I'm honest and straight forward. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion, and my mom calls me her "sensible one." I'm a very devout Catholic. I love to study and learn everyday and I hold the belief that life is a constant learning experience, therefore the most reasonable conclusion is to search knowledge. I love to write almost as much as I love to read (which is saying a lot).

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